DPF Cleaning

When is a DPF Problem not a DPF Fault?

Mercedes Sprinter


Today I was called to look at a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter that had no power, it had previously been to a garage with a dpf issue which the owner believed they had cleaned, but in fact it had been gutted and mapped out, the problem apart from being illegal now is the van still had no power, the garage had only diagnosed and targeted the symptom of the problem which was low boost due to a vacuum transducer going faulty and venting the vacuum that controlled the turbo wastegate which resulted in the wastegate not closing so not able to produce any boost pressure in the intake, this caused the engine to run very rich and caused regenerations to fail, so what should have been a cheap fix was actually an incorrect expensive non fix for the owner, but people still look for the cheapest quote to fix a vehicle and end up paying a lot more,

If you think a good Technician is expensive wait till you hire a bad Mechanic.