TerraClean FAQ

Question. What does TerraClean do?

Answer. TerraClean is the brand name for Several Bespoke engine cleaning systems:

1. Petrol Fuel based cleaning which cleans from and including your injectors (injection engines) to your Catalytic convertor and O2 sensors and will restore Economy & performance & lower emissions.

2. Diesel Fuel Based cleaning which cleans from your fuel pump & Injectors into your combustion chamber and also passively cleans beyond into your exhaust including EGR & Turbo.

3. The TerraClean EGR tool is used for a more thorough cleaning of EGR's Turbo's and DPF cleaning and Unblocking, this works in a completely different way to the fuel Systems.

Question. What benefits am I likely to see ?

Answer. The benefits that you are likely to notice the most include:

Better cold starting.
Quieter running.
Smoother Idle and Pickup.
Improved Power and Torque.
Improved Economy.
less smoke from the exhaust.
reduction in flat spots while accelerating.

The benefits that you can't see are:

Lower harmful emissions.
less carbon build up inside your engine and exhaust system.
Prolonged engine component life.

Question. Can it Damage my Injectors?

Answer. No Terraclean only cleans the contamination (Tars Lacquers & Carbon) it is component friendly.

Terraclean doesn't use solvents which don't lubricate while cleaning causing wear on vital components and can dissolve seals.

Question. Can it be done before or after a normal Service?

Answer. It doesn't matter if its done before or afterwards as its a completely different type of service to a regular Service.

Question. What Guarantee do you give?

Answer. Terraclean is a service and the results vary from car to car depending on the level of Contamination inside, we guarantee that it won't damage any parts but it can't repair worn and broken components, it cleans to restore the normal function of working components.

Question. Do you price match other products that claim to do the same

This is a question we get asked more often now due to the success of TerraClean there has been a spate of inferior systems advertised for less and using solvents or just gas these are not the same, you will only get what you pay for.

N.B. there has also been an increase in TerraClean being offered but non approved operators using other dubious equipment and product.

Benefits on a Petrol Engine!

The side effect of burning carbon based fossil fuels in your engine is carbon builds up inside affecting your engines performance.

Dirty Injectors can't atomise the fuel finely enough for a good clean combustion as it only ignites as a gas not as a liquid so unburnt fuel is sent out through the exhaust and burns inside the Catalytic converter shortening the life of the Cat and producing higher Hydrocarbon Emissions.

Removes deposits that obstructs proper injector atomisation therefore improves the burn restoring power to your engine and wasting less fuel.

Removes deposits from your Lambda sensors improving the response rate therefore giving the engine better control over fuel air mixture control.

Prolongs the life of your Catalytic Converter as your engine emits less unburned fuel thus reducing the load on the Cat.

Benefits on a Diesel  Engine

The side effect of burning carbon based fossil fuels in your engine is carbon builds up inside affecting your engines function performance and economy.

Cleaning your engine from inside has far reaching benefits including fuel economy, prolonged engine & component life, smoother running, more torque.

Clean your injectors and beyond thus improving your combustion by burning fuel more completely saving on fuel and lowering your emissions and also lowering your exhaust smoke opacity.