Terraclean Review Darlington

Dean J Signori – Darlington – BMW 335D TerraClean Review

I was refered to Bernie at A1 Terraclean after a last minute visit to my usual garage about a turbo problem intermittently working and they didn’t have time to look into it but said try get it terracleaned to save us stripping engine down to service the turbo and low and behold Bernie found the problem and fixed it for me (a loose vaccum hose) I was over the moon and still paid him to get the engine cleaned instead of the turbo and it’s now even more responsive and after a gentle run i got the computer to 57mpg which is unreal for a bmw 335d msport it had previously only got about 49 and that was on a motorway! – he is a knowledgeable and helpful individual and has plenty of gadgets to check out your vehicle in detail before and after the clean #TopService

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