Mobile DPF Cleaning & Diagnostics

2009 Audi A3 DPF Problem with Flashing Glow Light and EML in Darlington

If you think the services of a professional is expensive wait until you see how much an amateur costs!

March 23rd, 2018

This is a story that is typical in my days work, the customer had taken his car to a garage to solve an issue with his DPF last year and was charged £400 for 5 hours Diagnostics by a garage that doesn’t understand how the system works, which ended up with the garage not finding the fault the customer was advised to put an additive in the tank to assist regeneration which is like taking a painkiller, it doesn’t fix the fault but only relieves the symptom temporarily.

It took me 10 mins to find and fix the problem (a faulty sensor) the DPF had only a partitial blockage so we took the car on a road test during which the Regeneration took place naturally demonstrating that the car is now fixed and able to operate normally, the owner had been driving in Limp home mode for so long he didn’t even realise it was in reduced performance mode.

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