2012 Peugeot Partner Van with a blocked DPF and in Limp Mode

Fri 19th Jan 2018

A Company in Consett with a van off the road with DPF problems contacted me through a recommendation from a garage familiar with my work.

The Company had been given a quote of £1400.00 to rectify the problem with a replacement DPF, they didn’t want to invest this much money in a repair on a near end of service van.

First of all, I carried out a pressure test which confirmed the filter was blocked and also scanned the following faults:

  • P1490 Particle Filter. Detected Overloaded
  • P242f Particle Filter. Detected Clogged
  • P1435 Multiplexed additive pump. Can network fault or Pump fault
  • P1434 Multiplexed additive pump. Can network fault or Pump fault

The soot buildup was too excessive to allow a forced Regeneration.

I used the Terraclean DPF Cleaning System to remove the soot then tested the exhaust pressure to confirm the filter was clear.

Afterwards I did a road test to confirm the filter was clear and able to regenerate as normal.

To deal with the Additive fault I had to carry out tests on the system and found a configuration problem.

Cost of Repair and Diagnostics and reconfiguration £280.00 a saving of £1120.00 and peace of mind that the problem has been rectified properly.

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