Kia Sportage – P2002 – Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold

Thursday 14th March 2019

P2002 is just one example of one of the many DPF fault codes, the code is set by the engine management when it sees something unexpected, but it doesn’t offer any information as to what the actual cause was, at this point many garages will make assumptions based either on the fault code description, or information they find on forums, the problem with this is the fault code can be generated for many different reasons, this will invalidate the majority of the solutions offered on forums.

Today I was booked to fix this problem on a Kia Sportage it had been to an independent garage where it was fitted with a new sensor but this didn’t solve the issue so the garage refereed the car to the local Kia Main Dealer who did correctly diagnose the problem as blocked pipework but didn’t have a solution they could offer apart from replacing the DPF the dealer then recommended Terraclean as they knew we have a solution for this problem, I carried out my tests to confirm the fault and there was indeed a restriction in the pipe work which I cleaned and retested with flow test and driven test to confirm 100% fix.

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